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Benefits of Post-Surgical Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is essential after Cosmetic Surgery, because it represents a major benefit for the patient: it facilitates faster recovery, with less discomfort, and it improves the results of the intervention. Treatment must be adapted to the type of intervention and each specific case, in order to be as effective as possible. Besides, it entails an important relief for patients from the start, because Physiotherapy must be initiated at the same hospital, a few hours after the intervention has been conducted. That is why we have set up this Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Unit at AC Cirugía Plástica, with a team of specialists and experienced professionals, led by Mila Miñano.

What is this treatment?

Firstly, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is conducted, at the same hospital and 1 hour after the intervention. With this type of drainage, we will improve lymphatic circulation and help to eliminate liquids and bruising. In order to be effective, Manual Lymphatic Drainage should always be conducted by a specialist who will be extremely careful, so that it will as pleasant as possible for patients.

Together with the drainage, there is a scar massage in order to improve tissue circulation in the area, to achieve better healing and faster recovery.

According to the type of intervention, Manual Lymphatic Drainage will be combined with Technology-Assisted Massages, such as Shock Waves (Cellator) or Radiofrequency, to work upon all dermal layers.

For which interventions is it recommended?

Physiotherapy is recommended after Liposuction, particulatly ACualipo o ACualipo HD, Abdominoplasty, or any technique involving body contouring. It is also adequate for Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast enlargement) and/or Mastopexy (Breast Lift), treatment of scars, or even facial surgery, in order to reduce the inflammation and the recovery time.

ACualipo Liposuction

After ACualipo liposuction, that is to say, assisted by high-pressure water, it is essential to help to its fast elimination through intense drainage. This is a procedure intended for the body to “release” any built-up liquids, and therefore it is necessary to conduct it daily at least during the first week. This will represent a major relief of discomfort for patients, because there will be lower inflammation and a faster elimination of bruises.

After the third or fourth day of the intervention, and after diagnosis, post-trauma massages will be initiated, in order to correct any imperfection or remove any hard areas before healing. These massages will be combined with equipment (in this case, Shock Waves), in order to work upon all dermal layers, and get to those places the hand cannot reach.

Acualipo HD

Regarding High-Definition Liposuction, ACualipo HD, our specialized Physiotherapy team highlights that the technique will be different, as there is not enough fatty tissue to massage. The skin must be stretched to prevent any contraction or adherence.

Trauma breaks the chain of lymph nodes, and massage must create new vascular neogenesis, that is to say, new circulation that will act by removing toxins, reducing inflammation, and ultimately eliminating any “waste substance”. New irrigation will also allow nutrients and oxygen to go through. When blood reaches the skin, it is pliable and can be smoothed out; therefore, drainages typically conducted in other centres are not useful for this.

By the end of the volume-reducing treatment, some Radiofrequency sessions will be recommended; this is also known as Termalipo, and it consists in a smart action with electromagnetic energy in order to cause ionic exchange.

Therefore, all this process will generate a major benefit in terms of results and recovery: it will allow to even out the skin and improve is texture, avoiding irregularities and “dimples”. It will also improve patients’ quality of life after the intervention.

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