Nutrition Unit

Benefits of the Nutrition Unit

An adequate nutrition is essential, not only to show a good physical aspect, but also for health reasons. It consists in a sufficient and balanced diet which, combined with some regular physical activity, will allow us to control our weight, have enough energy, look younger and ultimately to be healthy, as we said. That is why AC Cirugía Plástica, led by Alexo Carballeira, M.D., offers its Nutrition Unit to patients, to benefit all those persons who want to lose weight and not recover it again, but also for those patients who have undergone Cosmetic Surgery, mainly those procedures associated with elimination of localized fat or body contouring.

This is a comprehensive service for weight loss, nutritional re-education, support and follow-up, so that patients will achieve their objectives, stay free of any excess weight, and most of all, healthy.

Our Nutritionist Lidia Marco / Our Nutritionist Sergio, will offer personalized solutions, that is to say, adapted to each patient, and after a previous study. Besides, the patient can benefit of Aesthetic Medicine treatments for slimming and firming, in order to achieve results which are more complete.

What is this Service?

Firstly, a Nutritional Study is conducted, with the aim to find out the best method to achieve weight loss, in the most endurable and comfortable way possible, and, most of all, learning to eat in a healthy way, that is to say, working upon nutritional re-education. Our Nutritionist will determine those products most recommended for each patient, based on their clinical and nutritional background, personal tastes, physical status and mood. The nutritional study will include:

Assessment of family background

Assessment of clinical record


Dietary habits

Dietary markers

Anthropometric markers

After the study, the nutritional plan will be handed to the patient, who will follow it at least for 30 days. Within this period, the patient will receive follow-up and constant support; and after completing it, the relevant action will be taken based on the results and the physical and psychological evolution of the patient.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Persons with mild excess weight (5 kilos)

Persons with moderate excess weight (10 kilos)

Personas con sobrepeso importante (15 kilos)

Persons who will undergo Cosmetic Surgery for body contouring

Persons who have already undergone Cosmetic Surgery for body contouring

Other slimming and firming treatments

Without surgery



Slimming massages

Biolifting con Tensor Threads

Platelet Biostimulation (PBS)






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