At AC Cirugía Plástica, we offer our patients the traditional and more advanced techniques of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, as well as a series of additional Services

We have set up the Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Unit, with the aim to improve the results of surgical interventions and facilitate patient recovery. In order to offer an effective treatment, we have a highly specialized team, led by Mila Ruiz, and we work under strict protocols adapted to each surgery. Physiotherapy is particularly indicated after Liposuction, particularly ACualipo or ACualipo HD, Abdominoplasty, or any body sculpturing technique. It is also useful in surgical procedures such as Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast Enlargement) and/or Mastopexy (Breast Lift), scar treatment, or even in facial surgeries, because it reduces the inflammation and the recovery time.

We also offer our Nutrition Unit services with a specialist, which are particularly useful for those patients who will undergo or have already undergone a body sculpturing surgery such as Liposuction or Lipofilling. It is essential to offer support and constant follow-up to patients, because this will help them to consolidate and maintain the results of their surgery. Besides, patients will undergo nutritional re-education through healthy habits that will improve their physical aspect, but also their quality of life.

We have another Service particularly targeted to patients who are not living in Valencia, coming from other Spanish regions, or foreigners. We are receiving an increasing number of consultations, particularly by patients from Galicia, Madrid, Castellón, and abroad; for this reason we have designed a set of services to facilitate conducting any intervention with us. We would like to highlight the possibility of virtual diagnosis, accommodation facilities, and the option to access out Single Service for support.

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