Reconstructive surgery

Reconstrutive Surgery deals with the destructive effects of accidents or traumas, congenital malformations or the consequences of tumors
cirugía reparadora

Restorative surgery is a procedure that restores the function and appearance of severely injured facial structures or limbs, whether it be a defect of birth, illness, accident, infection etc… Sex change operations are also included in this procedure. All these operations are offered and professionally and safely undertaken in Valencia at AC Plastic Surgery at the hands of Dr. Alexo Carballeria.

After an accident, traumatism, illness or for whatever other reason, there are people that lose or have parts of their body deformed and they need surgical help to improve or repair them.

Reconstructive surgery also helps people born with defects. There are people that are born with facial anomalies or to whatever part of the body who need reconstructive surgery to be able to restore the affected part of the body.

The objective of this medical discipline is to repair the area, return the mobility or sensitivity, reconstruct the área and do it in the best way aesthetically possible.

Dr Alexo Carballeira has a Master’s degree in Reconstructive Microsurgery, which accredits him for complex craniofacial, mammary, limbs, torso, urogenital reconstructive and lymphedema surgery amongst others. He has trained in this field in prestigious national and internationally renowned medical centres in Taiwan, Tokio, Helsinki, Mexico City and France. He followed up on patients who had undergone facial, upper and lower limb transplants and secondary surgeries. Besides, he also formed part of Dr. Pedro Cavadas’ team of four surgeons along with Dr. Javier Mata and Dr. Alessandro Thione that carried out the world’s first lower limbs transplant.

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Reconstructive Surgery of the Head and Neck

Reconstructive Surgery of the Limbs

Reconstructive Surgery of the Torso and Breast

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Reconstructive Surgery of the Genitals

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