Vaginal rejuvenation

What is it?

A vaginoplasty is the closing of the muscles which are found around the vagina, and which are used to give strength and elasticity to the walls of the vagina. This intervention can be done surgically or by laser. In our case, we use the state of the art laser called the Fotona laser.


Reduce the diameter of the vagina

Improve muscle tone and lubrication

Strengthen the pelvic floor

Increase sexual pleasure

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The procedure

This intervention consists of producing a thermal effect, by the application of a laser to the area, with the aim of increasing the production of collagen and thus recover muscle tone and a narrower vagina. This treatment aims to achieve vaginal rejuvenation after the effects of childbirth, the passage of time or significant weight variations. It also manages to solve the problem of urinary incontinence that many women suffer.

Laser vaginoplasty has the advantage of being a non-invasive treatment, performed on an outpatient basis, i.e. does not require hospitalization, nor the use of anaesthesia. It is a quick process, consisting of between 2 to 3 sessions depending on the patient. The sessions last about 1 hour and the results are noticeable immediately.

Type of procedure: Non-surgical.
Length of procedure: 1 hour/session.
Anaesthesia: not required.
Length of hospital stay: not required.
Recovery: immediate.


Recovery is immediate as surgery is not required and the patient can return to work after the session.

The Fotona Intimalaser differs from other treatments by being less aggressive to the mucus layer and having no known complications or contraindications, although each patient will always be assessed individually.


Very safe

Fast and immediate

Only requires 2-3 sessions


In short, laser vaginoplasty with Fotona (Intimalaser) is a very safe intervention in experienced medical hands and there are many advantages for the patient and the results are very positive.

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