Urinary incontinence (Incontilaser)

What is it?

Incontilaser is a treatment which uses the Fotona Laser to eliminate urinary incontinence also known as stress urinary incontinence. This problem affects a large number of women and isn’t only associated with age, the menopause or maternity. The lack of urinary control can affect women of every age and “leaks” when running or jumping are frequent. Certain sports such as paddle tennis, tennis and exercises which involve jumping… have an important impact on the pelvic floor.


Eliminates incontinence

Rejuvenates the vaginal area

Strengthens the pelvic floor

Increases sexual pleasure

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The procedure

This procedure is to warm the area by applying a laser to it with the aim of increasing the production of collagen to recuperate muscle tone and to narrow the vagina.

The incontilaser has the advantage of being a vrtually invasive free treatment which can be carried out at outpatient clinics and therefore hospitalisation is not required and anaesthesia is not used. It is a quick technique which takes 2 or 3 sessions depending on the specific patient’s case. The sessions last approximately 1 hour and the results are noticeable immediately.


Recovery is immediate as it is a non-surgical procedure and the patient can resume their working day once the session has finished.

The difference between this and other techniques is that it is far less aggressive for the mucus lining and has no known complications or contraindications, although it is always necessary to evaluate each patient individually.

Type of procedure: Non-surgical.
Length of procedure: 1 hour / session.
Anaesthesia: Not required.
Hospitalisation: Not required.
Recovery time: Immediate.

The results

Very safe

Fast and immediate

Works after 2 - 3 sessions


In short, laser treatment to stop urinary incontinence is a very safe procedure if carried out by experienced medical hands and provides a better quality of life for patients by freeing them from inconveniences.

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