Penis enlargement

What is it?

Penis enlargement is a surgical procedure which changes the look and appearance of the member by prolonging it between approximately 2 and 4 cm at rest. It is a technique which is generating a lot of interest among men and the demand for it is increasing.


Increase in penis length

Improvement in look and appearance

Can be combined with thickening

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The procedure

The surgeon, in our case, Dr Alexo Carballeira, will assess the patient to determine the best technique to use in every individual case. The procedure to lengthen the penis does not last longer than 90 minutes and is carried out under local anaesthetic. This procedure requires an overnight stay in hospital, after which the patient can return to his daily routine although some post-operative precautions need to be taken.

The procedure consists of the suspensory and lateral ligaments being sectioned, which in itself is enough to lengthen the penis by an average of 0.5 cm. Skin is then added to achieve an increase of up to approximately 1.6 cm.

Type of procedure: surgical.
Length of procedure: around 90 minutes.
Anaesthesia: local.
Hospitalisation: not required or 1 night.
Recovery period: 4 weeks.


This procedure is not painful and the patient stays in hospital for 24 hours. Subsequently, the patient can go back to his daily routine, although he should not have sex for a minimum of 4 weeks.


Noticeable and visible immediately

Imperceptible scar


Simple procedure with very little pain

In short, we see with this technique that you get a better-looking penis in a quick, efficient and safe way as long as you are in the hands of an experienced and specialised surgeon. In addition to this procedure, if deemed necessary, the penis can be thickened to give a more complete result.

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