What is it?

Malarplasty or cheek surgery corrects the lack of projection or asymmetry of the cheeks. The cheekbones, technically called malars, are the bones that support the cheeks.


Rejuvenates the appearance of the face

Provides facial symmetry

Synthetic filler material or own fat

Makes the whole face more beautiful

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The procedure

The technique usually consists of placing small silicone implants through incisions inside the mouth, therefore invisible, placed between the upper lip and the gingiva. To do this, a bag is made in front of the bone and the implant is placed. The process usually takes about 1 hour and is usually performed under general anaesthesia and with overnight admission, but will depend on the technique used. It is becoming increasingly more common to use autologous fat as filling material, in other words the patient’s own fat, in order to achieve natural results and to benefit from the double advantage of the lipotransfer technique, which would be carried out using ACualipo.

It is common to associate it with other surgeries such as mini-lifting, blepharoplasties or mentoplasty in order to achieve greater facial rejuvenation or a greater proportion of facial volumes.

There are different options, so after evaluating the patient, Dr. Alexo Carballeira will perform the optimal intervention in each case.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Time of completion: approx. 1 hour.
Anaesthesia: local plus sedation or general.
Hospitalisation: depends on the case.
Recovery: 4 to 5 days.

The recovery

It is recommended to rest for the first 24 hours, to perform frequent mouthwashes with oral antiseptics to prevent infections and also to place local cooling in the area in order to reduce swelling. The postoperative period is not painful, but the area of the cheeks usually feels numb for the first few days. It is necessary to follow a soft diet during the first week, but the recovery is fast and after 4-5 days normal daily activity can be resumed.

malarplastia en valencia

The result

Very significant

Invisible scar

Immediately noticeable


In short, malarplasty is a quick, simple and safe procedure when you are in good medical hands and with which you achieve greater beauty and youth in the face.

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