What is it?

Lobuloplasty or earlobe surgery consists of repairing the tearing of the earlobe resulting from an abrupt pull, from the continuous use of heavy earrings, or simply as a consequence of the passing of years. Its purpose is to correct the damage, but also to provide a younger image and to be able to use earrings again without the drooping effect.


Repairs the earlobe

Younger appearance

Possibility of wearing earrings again

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The procedure

First the cleaning of the area will be carried out and then the anesthesia, in this case local, will be applied. Once the area has been anesthetized, the patient will no longer notice any discomfort and the skin will then be removed from the inside of the hole or tear and then sutured at both the front and the back in order to achieve a correct healing. This process does not last longer than 30 minutes (both earlobes).

Once the process is finished, the earlobes are protected with surgical plasters and within a few days these will fall off or be taken off and the stitches will be taken out after 15 days.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Time for completion: 30 min.
Anaesthesia: local.
Hospitalisation: not required.
Recovery: same day.


The next day the patient will be able to lead a normal life, but should not get their ears wet. The new hole for the earrings has to be made after two months, in order to allow time for the wound to heal properly.

Sometimes, due to lobe fat loss, the area can be reinforced by injecting some biocompatible filler (such as hyaluronic acid) or the patient’s own fat for a longer duration. The earlobe will have a better consistency and better aesthetics, although this procedure is not always necessary.

The result

Very significant

Immediately noticeable


In short, lobuloplasty is a very habitual, quick and easy procedure which will normally leave a not very visible scar, which will remain hidden (at least in part) when the new earring is worn.

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