Inverted nipples

What is it?

Inverted or invaginated nipples are a common condition which can affect one or both breasts and is far more common in women than in men. It is a congenital disorder in which the nipples retract as they have shorter ducts than usual.


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The procedure

This is a very simple procedure. It is a small operation which lasts about 15 minutes for each nipple. Local anaesthetic is used and it is performed on an outpatient basis, that is, it is not necessary to stay in a hospital or a clinic. The scar is practically invisible as it is very small and is located between the areola and the skin.

To finish off the procedure, a stitch is applied to prevent the nipple re-inverting as the skin tightens during scarring which will stay in place for about two weeks after the operation.

It is important that the medical assessment distinguishes whether it is the nipple is inverted or retracted (after surgery, an infection or a breast tumour), as the treatment is different.

Type of procedure: surgical.
Length of procedure: approximately 15 minutes per nipple.
Anaesthetic: local.
Hospitalisation:not required.
Recovery: immediate.


After the operation, the area may itch or sting for a few days but the patient can resume their everyday routine immediately although they should look after the area by following the indications given.

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Very significant

Imperceptible scar


The procedure to stop inverted nipples is simple, quick and the results are very satisfactory for the patient. Even so, to avoid any kind of complication, it is important to put yourself in the hands of a good medical professional.

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