What is it?

The excessive size of the breast of a man is known as gynecomastia, caused by a greater developement of the mammary gland and pseudogynecomastia, an accumulation of fat in the area. This problem occurs quite frequently and may be due to causes of various kinds. The purpose of this procedure is to return the man’s breast to its normal size.


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The procedure

The procedure consists of extirpating (removal or destruction of)the mammary gland making a small incision at the height of the areola, in cases where the patient has a glandular issue, if the excess size is due to the accumulation of fat in the area the technique used will be liposuction. ACualipo will entail a series of added advantages for the patient like, less inflammation and discomfort. Therefore, a good medical evaluation is necessary to determine the cause of this hypertrophy of the breasts of man.

Usually this procedure is performed with local anaesthesia and sedation and is performed on an outpatient basis, that is to say, it does not require hospitalisation. The duration is approximately one and a half hours.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Time of procedure: approx. 1hour 30mins.
Anaesthesia: local plus sedation.
Hospitalisation: Not required.
Recovery: around 5 days.

The recovery

After the procedure it is normal that the area is somewhat swollen and some bruising appears, but in a few days they will diminish. The patient should wear a compressive bandage for optimal recovery, which usually causes discomfort.

After a week the patient will be able to resume their everyday activities, however, should not do any physical exercise for three weeks.

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Very significant

Imperceptible scar

Appreciable after swelling


In short, gynecomastia is a procedure that is very much in demand by men, in which they obtain very satisfactory results for physical improvement and the psychological improvement that goes with it.

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