Correction of scars, removal of moles, freckles or warts

What is it?

The correction of scars, removal of moles, freckles or warts can be performed through cosmetic surgery techniques. Specifically in the case of scars it is possible to noticeably improve their appearance so that they are barely visible.


Improves the aesthetics of the face

Corrects different types of scars

Eliminates warts, freckles or moles

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The procedure

Scars can result from a variety of causes such as acne, chickenpox, skin ulcers, trauma, burns … and can also have different shapes, textures and colouring, so the technique used will vary depending on the type of scar. There may also be keloids, which are large-size scars that extend beyond the wound and have a reddish colour that contrasts with the skin. To treat this type of scar, a resection and subsequent suture of the scar can be carried out using local anesthesia and in some cases a skin graft, local flap, treatment with radiotherapy or infiltration with corticosteroids could even be performed.

In addition to the above techniques, there are non-surgical procedures for the removal of scars, moles, freckles or warts by laser, in our case with a latest generation laser known as a Photon Laser. Dermabrasion or micro-abrasion can also be used to achieve a considerable improvement of the skin.

The doctor, Alexo Carballeira, will evaluate each particular case in order to carry out the most appropriate technique and will give the patient all the information and answer their doubts.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Time for completion: 30 min.
Anaesthesia: local.
Hospitalisation: not required.
Recovery: same day.

The recovery

Recovery is very fast depending on the technique, either on the same day or a few days after the procedure.

The result

Very significant

Immediately appreciable


In short, the correction of scars, moles, freckles and warts is the most effective way to eliminate or reduce them and is recommended in the case of notable and unsightly scars and although the scar cannot always be completely hidden, it will be less visible.

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