Correction of scars, removal of moles, freckles or warts

What is it?

The correction of scars, removal of moles, freckles or warts in area of the body can be performed through various techniques, and one of them is through plastic surgery. Although we talk of removal, specifically in the case of scars, what is usual is the considerable improvement in its appearance so that the scar is practically invisible.


Improvement in the aesthetic of the body

Correct the appearance of scars

Removal of warts, freckles or moles

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The procedure

The origin of scars have diverse causes, among those that stand out: illnesses, ulcers on the skin, traumas, burns…and also variable in their shapes, textures and coloration, so the technique used will fit the type of scar. In addition the appearance of what we know as keloids, scars of a larger size that expand beyond the wound and are reddish in colour that contrasts with the tone of the skin. To treat this type of scar a resection and posterior suture can be performed under local anaesthetic and in certain cases placing a skin graft or radiotherapy treatment.

Besides the aforementioned techniques, as we commented, there are non surgical procedures to remove scars, moles, freckles or warts through laser, in our case through a revolutionary laser called the Phonton Laser. You can also use procedures like dermabrasion or microabrasion that can achieve a considerable improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Length of procedure: 15 mins.
Anaesthesia: local.
Hospitalisation: not required.
Recovery: same day.


In the majority of cases there is practically no period of recovery, but that will always depend on the area of the body and the technique used. Of course, we recommend closely following the medical recommendations for optimum care and recovery of the area of the body.


Highly noticeable

Immediately appreciable


In short, we can affirm that the correction of scars, moles, freckles and warts through surgery is a totally effective way to remove or reduce them, and is mainly recommended in the case of anti- aesthetic keloids and scars. Although this technique does not completely remove the scar it improves the appearance by making it less visible.

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