What is it?

Cheiloplasty or lip surgery tries to give the lips a greater volume, sometimes to reduce them, or even to modify the shape of the lip. The purpose of this procedure may be to achieve a greater proportion in the facial features, to correct some defect such as asymmetry or simply to make the lips look more attractive and sensual.


It can increase the size of the lips

It enables lip reduction

It corrects the shape of the lips

It allows reconstruction

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The procedure

Another technique that is often performed is a lip lift, especially in patients who have a long upper lip, and what this comprises is an incision at the base of the nose in order to remove the skin necessary to raise the lip. This surgery can be combined with a rhinoplasty. Other than fat, the soft tissue obtained from another area in combined surgeries, such as blepharoplasty, can also be used as a filling tissue. The strip of muscle with fat that is removed can be used for filling.  When the procedure is performed with the aim of increasing the lips, the materials that are used are: synthetic implants of different durability or own fat grafts. In order to carry out this last technique, ACualipo is essential due to the high quality of the fat extracted, since the lip has a lot of mobility and the desired result is that the graft is long-lasting.

As for lip reduction, this occurs on many occasions in patients who had previously had a lip augmentation performed with permanent materials of dubious quality. There are also cases of naturally extremely thick lips and the reduction is carried out by marking the part to be removed and making an incision to remove the excess.

Another common technique is the lip lift, especially in patients who have a long upper lip, in which the skin necessary to raise the lip is removed through an incision at the base of the nose. This surgery can be combined with a rhinoplasty.

This technique has to be performed in the operating room, it does not require admission and is performed under local anaesthesia. It is quick and simple, and takes about 1 hour.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Time for completion: approx. 1 hour.
Anaesthesia: local.
Hospitalisation: not required.
Recovery: 4 to 5 days.


After the procedure, the patient will be able to return home and a week later they will be able to resume their daily activity. Nevertheless, they should avoid sun exposure, exercise and great efforts over the first three weeks.

In the days after the procedure it is normal to have swollen lips, to feel some pain and even to have bruises. It will not be necessary to remove the stitches, as they fall out on their own and being inside the lip, they do not leave any visible scar.

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The result

Very significant

Immediately noticeable

Permanent or long-lasting depending on the technique

In short, cheiloplasty is a quick, simple and very safe procedure, but nevertheless it is a surgery and therefore requires a specialist and a clinic that offers all the guarantees, also regarding the materials used.

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