What is it?

Bichectomy or cheek surgery consists of correcting or decreasing the volume of bichat balls, which are accumulations of fat that all people have in the cheek area and if they are large can make the face look too round. This surgery is increasingly widespread and there are many celebrities who have already resorted to using it.


Slims and stylizes the face

Makes the Shape of the face more defined

Accentuates the cheekbones

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The procedure

The intervention is carried out through a small incision inside the mouth, so there is no visible scar. The cheeks are carefully separated and the fat pockets are removed by pressing on the external side of the cheek. Dissolvable stitches are normally used so do not need to be removed. The process usually lasts about 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic so does not require hospitalization. This surgery can also be combined with facial liposuction for which we use ACualipo, which improves the result and minimizes discomfort.

Type of procedure: surgical.
Duration of procedure: 30 minutes.
Anaesthetic: local.
Hospitalisation: not required.
Recovery: same day.


Recovery is fast, since it is a simple surgery that causes virtually no swelling or discomfort, and is treated with anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and mouthwash. Putting cold on the area immediately after the preocedure and eating a cold semi-liquid diet for the first two days is recommended.

In most cases, the patient can resume their daily routine the day after the operation. Of course, activities which require physical effort will have to be avoided but after a month you can sunbathe and even swim.

bichectomia en valencia

The result

Very significant

Appreciable immediately


Bichectomy is a quick and easy intervention which leaves no scar and which sees a great improvement in the face as a whole, since it stylizes and enhances its structure.

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