ACualipo – Liposuction

What is it?

ACualipo (also called Body-Jet or WALL) is a revolutionary less invasive liposuction, that today you will only find in Valencia at AC Plastic Surgery. With the same aim as traditional liposuction, that is to say, to suck out accumulated fat to get a better modelled figure. However, being water pressured assisted, it allows a series of added advantages such as less inflammation, minor discomfort and a better result.


Shorter more precise procedure

Less invasive technique, less inflammation

Less anesthetic

Faster recovery

Better quality fat extracted

Information without commitment

Free first visit

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The procedure

The procedure consists of performing the traditional technique of liposuction, but assisted by water pressure. Through a small incision a cannula (tube) is introduced to remove the fat and then suck out the fat, it is a relatively fast and simple process. It is done under local anaesthesia with sedation and generally it does not require a stay in hospital, but that always depends on area that is treated and the case of the patient.

Moreover ACualipo represents a major breakthrough in the modelling of the body, not only improving on the results of conventional liposuction, but also propitiating lipotransfer or lipofilling to improve other parts of the body in the most natural way. This technique has a double benefit, it allows the unused extracted fat to be used to fill out other areas where it is sought to achieve more volume, operations like breast or gluteus (buttock) enlargement using the patient’s own fat are more and more in demand.

Además mediante ACualipo también se puede dar a la musculatura una mayor definición. Esta intervención quirúrgica es principalmente demandada por hombres que quieren alcanzar, de forma rápida y duradera, el nivel de abdomen ‘six pack’, o lo que es lo mismo: un abdomen sin grasa y con el músculo perfectamente marcado.

Type of treatment: surgical.
Length of procedure: 1 to 3 hours depends the area.
Anaesthesia: normally local with sedation.
Hospitalisation: outpatient or 1 night.
Recovery: approx. 5 days.


As for the postoperative, the period of recovery is quite fast and although in some cases various sessions of lymphatic drainage are recommended, it is not always necessary. But the patient will have to wear a compressive abdominal supporter for various weeks.

Normally after 4 or 5 days the patient can return to work, although that can depend to a great extent on area that has been treated.

acualipo liposuccion en Valencia


Very significant

Unnoticeable scar

Noticeable after swelling

Permanent without excessive weight gain

In short with ACualipo you obtain very satisfactory results, as it not only eliminates localized fat, but also allows the fat to be injected into other facial areas and other areas of the body to improve them.

acualipo liposuccion en Valencia
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