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Experienced, continuous training, exclusive treatment of the patient and natural results. These are the four pillars which the AC Plastic Medical team has worked with for many years
alexo carballeira

Lead by Dr Alexo Carballeira, who has trained in different universities both national and international with some of the best plastic surgeons such as Dr. Ivo Pitanguy and Dr. Pedro Cavadas. AC Plastic Surgery was set up to offer the men and women in Valencia, the best plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery service available.

Being at the Forefront in the field of medicine and plastic surgery, and with constant innovations has enabled AC Plastic Surgery to exclusively offer their clients at the clinic in Valencia the most innovative method of Liposuction, ACualipo, which is a water assisted that produces better results with the same guarantee of security.

The commitment of the professionals that make up the team at AC Plastic Surgery is to guarantee personalized treatment and to find the most appropriate solution to each case, offering the best combination of science medicine and natural results, guaranteeing excellent outcomes.

Our commitment and guarantee

Presonalized service, in which the patient is always important. Ask for your first free visit and we will assess you without commitment

Patient care service

Constant, exhaustive and meticulous patient care. You are important to us, first we want to meet you in order to recommend the best options for your expectations. We offer a personalized service by telephone and whatsapp so that you feel accompanied throughout the surgical procedure. Your first consult is free

Why choose us?

Because you are important to us, because we listen to you to offer you a personalized service, and because our medical team and our installations combine modernization, youth and experience tailor made to offer excellent care, facial improvement and well being

Unaccompanied Service

If you do not want to or cannot attend the surgical procedure accompanied in which it is recommended that you do. Do not worry, we do not let you go through the process alone. Enquire about our Unaccompanied Service

Meet us

A professional complete team, familiar with the most avant-garde and innovative techniques in the of Plastic Surgery as well as Reconstructive Surgery

Alexo Carballeira Braña

Director and Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Alexo Carballeira has a degree in Medicine and is a specialist in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery and he has a Master’s degree in Reconstructive Microsurgery, he is credited for complex craniofacial reconstruction, mammary, limbs, torso, urogenital and lymphatic surgery, training in this field in renowned national and international centres in Taiwan, Tokio, Helsinki, Mexico City and France. He worked in Clavadas Clinic for two years, participating in the world’s first leg transplant. He completed his training in prestigious international hospitals such as the Ivo Pitanguy Institute in Brazil, the Quirónsalud in Barcelona and the Miami Breast Center in the United States, where he learnt face lifting, reconstructive and breast enlargement techniques using the patients own body fat. He has worked in the public and private sectors for more than ten years resulting in the perfect combination of youth and experience.

Danella Elaluf

Aesthetic Doctor

Qualified in Cosmetic Surgery from the University of Venezuela, she did her residency at the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia specializing in Hematology and Haemotherapy. Danella has specialized in regenerative and antiaging medicine since 2012, she has a mater’s degree in Advanced Techniques in Cosmetic Medicine and Cosmetic Laser from the Cardenal Herrera CEU University, focusing on techniques in regenerative medicine and biostimulation cells applied to aesthetic medicine, as well as laser techniques applied to female genital rejuvenation. With ample experience in treatments and innovative techniques in facial and corporal cosmetic medicine, as well as managing the Erbium-Yag ablative laser, Q-switched and radio frequency Accent amongst others.

Alessandro Thione

Plastic Surgeon

Medical surgeon and specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from the University of Insubria (Italy) and doctor of research in surgery and surgical biotechnologies Ph.D. Dr. Thione was also the medical director of the Ars Medica Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Pavia. He is a member of the Federation of Helicopters (FMH), the Official College of Physicians of the Canton of Ticino (OMCT) With the number 21.959. He has been working for the last eight years in the team of Dr. Pedro Cavadas at the Hospital de Manises and is part of the Plastic Surgery team of the Hospital QuironSalud Valencia. His extensive career has to add his scientific activity with more than 80 publications in international journals and books.

José Rodrigo Gallego


Qualified in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine and Odontology at the University of Valencia. He did his resident medical internship in Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Therapeutic pain relief at the University Hospital La Fe in Valencia. Dr. Rodrigo possesses almost 25 years of experience working the private sector as well as the public. His experience transmits security, and next to his human qualities, the operating theatre is converted into a relaxed environment. He is one of the best anesthetists in Valencia, not only for the amount of hours he has worked in operating theatres but also for the scientific publications he has presented at different conferences since 1995.

Lidia Marco Cortell

Nurse and nutritionist

Qualified from the Oficial School of nursing and a specialist in Diet and Nutrition. At the beginning of her professional career Lidia worked in public hospitals in A&E (accidents and emergencies) and with outpatients. Since 2014 she has developed her professional career in the field of medicine and plastic surgery where she has performed tasks in and out of the operating theatre such as preoperative exams (analytic and cardiograms) and postoperative care, patient revision and surgical activities; surgical technologist in all operations as part of the surgical team of AC Plastic Surgery.

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