Aesthetic Medicine

We almost never think about it, but the skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Spending time on its care is essential for it to look its best
medicina estética

In the field of aesthetic medicine, treatments such as fillings, botox and infiltrations have been developed against flaccidity, sagging skin and fat which allows us to return the shine, tautness to the skin and endow the face with youth and beauty lost by the passage of time.

Over the years we have subjected our skin to countless aggressions that have an effect on its appearance also with the passing of time, photo-aging or the appearance of skin problems, all of which contribute to dull, aging skin. To stop and remedy this situation, at AC Plastic Surgery we offer different aesthetic procedures witn which we will achieve a desired facial rejuvenation and work especially on the most important of all, prevention.

If you are interested in improving the shape of your body, losing your spare tyre or removing accumulated fat from any other part of your body, currently there are modern aesthetic techniques that exist to reduce and shape the profile of the body as a complement to diets, slimmimng techniques and exercising to lose weight. Ask us without commitment how we can help you to recover your figure.

The incorporation of the laser in aesthetic treatments has revolutionized its application and the results as it allows us to treat, rejuvenate and improve the appearance in other areas that cannot be treated by any other means. The AC Plastic Surgery medical team offers in Valencia the most innovative laser treatments including vaginal rejuvenation techniques, which is becoming more and more in demand.


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