AC Plastic Surgery exclusively offers in Valencia the most innovative and revolutionary technique in liposuction. The power and the force of water applied to surgery

ACualipo, water assisted liposuction (also called Body-Jet or WAL), represents the biggest and latest step in the search for less invasive solutions with better results and the same surgical security to shape and define the contour of the body. This new liposuction, that you will only find at AC Plastic Surgery, is performed by a very precise cannula (tube) that irrigates and removes the fat from the body part by the action and pressure of the watery saline, then simultaneous suction allows a greater quantity of body fat to be removed from the body in a less traumatic way.

Moreover, ACualipo is particulary suitable for modeling and improving the body and or face with autologous fat, that is to say the patient’s own fat. This revolutionary technique has the advantage of reducing surplus fat and allowing it to be used to improve other parts of the body. The result is a more natural harmonious body, now that the patient’s own body fat is redistributed and it is the best bio-compatible filling that can be used and also avoiding artificial forms. For all this, ACualipo entails a real and spectacular advance in the reshaping of the body.

The Advantages of ACualipo

ACualipo represents a breakthrough in the shaping and the remodeling of the body. The main advantages with respect to traditional Liposuction are:

Shorter operations, more precisión and less tissue trauma to the body

Less anesthetic

Pain reduction, reduction in swelling and bruising

Faster recuperation time

The extracted fat is of the quality to be used to improve, enhance and remodel other parts of the body such as breasts, buttocks, the face and hands

Breast augmentation with own body fat


Buttock augmentation with own body fat


Body definition

ACualipo is a big ally to anyone who is looking for different results in the definition of their body

If you are a fan of keep fit, body definition or the latest fitness machines it could interest you to know the possibilities ACualipo can offer for muscular definition in a totally natural way. Ask us any questions or about any doubts you may have, share your concerns you may have about this innovative treatment and consult us about the prices.

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